Prints only:

8 x 12: $32

12 x 18: $64

Mounted, matted, framed and signed:

8 x 12: $78

12 x 18: $180

Other sizes up to 20" x 30", as well as Giclee available on request.

Paypal graciously accepted!

In the shop, more prints are available. We take all major credit cards.

Photo restoration: $35 per hour, most jobs requiring an average of 2 - 4 hours.

Photo shoots of your business, garden, house, antique car, etc: $40 per hour which includes time spent at site and all computer work editing. Rights usage depends on the project.

Framing: Prices vary depending on size, type of frame, etc. However, I have been known to be around half the price of what the major chain framing stores charge.